Cahalen Morrison and Eli West

If we want to know what makes music timeless, perhaps we should look to things that truly are timeless, like the windswept scoured face of a rock bluff in arid New Mexico, or a rain drenched, foliage choked nurse log in a Pacific Northwest forest. To understand the music of American roots duo Cahalen Morrison & Eli West, perhaps the best way is to look to nature. After all it was the natural vistas of Tierra Amerilla in Northern New Mexico and Seattle, Washington that first inspired these young roots musicians. And though the Appalachian Mountains ring in their music, what you are actually hearing are the echoes of Cahalen & Eliís many travels across the United States, picking and singing after hours with great friends inspired by Appalachian old time music. They make music with the hands of master craftsmen wise beyond their years. They make music thatís informed by the roots of American music, whether country, bluegrass, old time, or blues, but also music that touches deeper than the tradition. They approach music not as a craft that must be labored over, but as an act of creation, an effort to touch the unknown with eyes closed and fingers wrapped around the neck of your mandolin and voices raised in beautiful harmony.

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