Tim OBrien
Memories & Moments is the second studio album from highly regarded writer/singer/multi-instrumentalists Tim OBrien and Darrell Scott, released on their newly formed Full Skies imprint, a compound of OBriens Howdy Skies and Scotts Full Light labels. Comprising five songs apiece from OBrien and Scott plus one memorable collaboration in their timely Turn Your Dirty Lights On, along with a pair of chestnuts from Hank Williams and George Jones and a spirited rendition of the John Prine classic Paradise, with its author guesting on guitar and vocals, Memories & Moments is a face-to-face record by design. Our strength is playing in the moment, says Scott, so if you record that way, with us across from each other, leaking into each others mics, theres an immediacy to it that translates to the listener. Thats our hope, anyway. We wanted to keep that intimate feeling, OBrien adds. Its rare that you can play with somebody who can respond and magnify like Darrell does. So except for the one track, this record is just the two of us reacting to one another, and its a pretty good game of Ping-Pong. We end up doing stuff that neither of us would do on our own, and thats pretty cool. Back in 2000, the two kindred spirits had joined forces to record the deep and scintillating Real Time, which was widely acclaimed on release and has since become recognized as a towering achievement in Americana annals. Following that album OBrien and Scott became an in-demand touring act, hitting the road together whenever their schedules allowed. (Performances from shows in 2005 and 2006 were gathered on Live: Were Usually a Lot Better Than This, released last year on Scotts Full Light as a way of whetting fans appetites for the upcoming studio album.) Over the ensuing years, each has been asked incessantly when their paths would next cross. Indeed, the prospect of a Real Time Redux has come to take on an almost mythic significance in roots-music circles the down-home equivalent of a Led Zeppelin reunion.

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